You may also purchase beauty products for use at home.


Nail polishes and hand creams

You can buy different colour nail polishes, nourishing polishes, base and top coats, and hand creams.


Hair products

Goldwell has created hair products with progressive ingredients which are suitable for all hair types and ensure special care. Try Goldwell's protective and nourishing care products which caress your hair.
Hera Salongid also offers Goldwell's quality hair care products.


Facial care products

A daily facial routine at home starts with a facial cleansing, after which nourishing and rejuvenating face cream is applied. Don't forget the most sensitive area of your face ‒ your eyes.
Hera Salongid helps select the most suitable Sothys facial products for you to use at home based on your age and needs.


Body care products

Like your face your body also needs pampering treatment and nourishment.
Hera Salongid offers you trimming, moisturizing  and firming body products. Exfoliating products with a pleasant aroma and texture help you rejuvenate your body.


Manicure and pedicure products

We all enjoy soft hands and polished nails.
Your hands and feet are always maintained if you use correct quality products.
Alessandro's products help keep your hands and feet soft and silky.