Hera Salongid is a chain of beauty salons which is part of the Tallink Group. We offer beauty services aboard the ships and on the shore.
Hera Salongid has got its name from the goddess of the sky Hera.
Hera Salongid was established in the spring of 2006.
Our first beauty salon was established in Tallink City Hotel. Today you can find us on board the Tallink ships on the Baltic Sea and in Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel.

Hera Salongid
Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel
11A Sadama St, Tallinn
Opening hours:
Ph: +372 630 1024
E-mail: herasalongid.spa@tallink.ee

Hera Salongid
Tallink City Hotel

5 Laikmaa St, 10145 Tallinn
Opening hours:
Monday‒Saturday 09:00‒20:00
Sunday 09:00‒17:00
Ph: +372 630 0849
E-mail: herasalongid.city@tallink.ee

Silja Europa: Tallinn - Helsinki
Baltic Queen: Tallinn - Stockholm
Victoria I: Tallinn – Stockholm 
Isabelle: Riga – Stockholm 
Romantika: Riga - Stockholm


Hera Salongid OÜ
Sadama 5/7,
10111 Tallinn, Estonia
Reg. code 11221129