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Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel – all beauty services and a wide selection of spa services from Sothys.

11a Sadama St, Tallinn
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Opening hours:
Daily 08.00‒20.00
Ph: +372 630 1024, +372 630 1050
E-mail: herasalongid.spa@tallink.ee

Endospheres Therapy

The lenghts of the treatments may vary +/- 10 min.

Description Duration Price
Endospheres therapy – the first regeneration therapy that smooths, tones, improves microcirculation and shapes at the same time!
Endospheres Therapy includes compressive microvibrations that are the newest achievement in device-based cosmetology, a new method for treating swollen veins and all types of cellulite. The method is based on compression instead of vacuum and microvibration instead of stretching. The treatment is completely physiological, safe for the body and non-traumatic and helps to prevent complications such as lax and loose skin. The results are achieved thanks to improving microcirculation and lymphatic circulation, accelerating metabolic processes and toning tissues. The method is based on vibratory compression massage. The process has no contraindications and is good for the health! The area of application of the Endospheres device is quite wide and is not limited to just treating cellulite. The device is widely used in sports medicine, specifically in the recovery of the body after physical exercise, for doing sports massage and preparing for various operations and recovering from operations. The Endospheres device can be used not only for treatment but also for preventing illnesses and relieving the body of fatigue.
Problem zones (legs, stomach, waist, hips, buttocks)  45 min. 50,00€
Treatment course for problem zones (6 treatments) 6 x 45 min. 250,00€
Programme for the whole body 75 min. 68,00€
Treatment course for the whole body 6 x 75 min. 340,00€

Face treatments

The lenghts of the treatments may vary +/- 10 min.

Description Duration Price
Facial cleansing with massage Facial cleaning, tonifying,peeling, mechanical cleaning, massage for face, neck and decolletage. Mask for eye area, face and neck. Eye contour cream and face cream. 55 min. 50,00€
Facial treatment with neckline cleansing. Facial and neckline cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, massage, mask, cream. 90 min. 70,00€
Back cleansing with extractions and light massage The treatment begins with the cleansing of the back, followed by exfoliation and extractions, a light back massage and a mask. Moisturising body cream is applied at the end of the treatment. 55 min. 50,00€
Fast super-moisturizing facial treatment with massage Cleansing, toning, exfoliation and massage of the facial skin. A deeply moisturizing mask, eye cream and face cream. 25 min. 35,00€
Facial massage with mask Facial cleaning, tonifying,peeling. Massage for face, neck and decolletage. Mask for eye area, face and neck. Eye contour cream and face cream. 25 min. 35,00€
Acne facial treatment Facial cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, mask, cream. 90 min. 65,00€
Spa thermal water facial treatment for flushed and sensitive skin Sothys rediscovers the healing affect of spring water by creating professional facial treatments using SPA Thermal Water for sensitive skin. The treatment makes use of exceptionally gentle textures and suitable for all types of sensitive skin. 50 min. 50,00€
Seasonal treatment Paraben-free seasonal oxygen treatment provides well-being and relaxation and meets the skin's requirements according to the season. Twice a year, Sothys develops a seasonal treatment package according to the season, in addition to regular skin care: in autumn, skin is tired and pallid, so the treatment includes truly cocoon-like substances, which nourish and smooth the skin, enrich the skin with oxygen and minerals. In spring, the harsh cold has left the skin needing more moisturisation, enrichment with oxygen and vitamins, so the treatment takes this into account. Quick seasonal treatment is a good change for regular care - it leaves the skin relaxed and fresh. Products also available for skin care at home! 45 min. 50,00€
Correcting treatment Multifunctional treatment for problematic skin. Facial cleaning, peeling, massage, serum, mask, day cream, eye contour cream. 55 min. 50,00€
Energizing new intensive facial treatment This new intensive treatment with Siberian Ginseng provides the skin with radiance and energy, and brings out its natural beauty. The face is first washed with facial water and facial milk. This is followed by mechanical cleansing. The cosmetician personally prepares the serum and Siberian Ginseng concentrate to suit the client's individual level of aging. During the treatment you will enjoy the Sothys Digi-Esthétique patented massage technique, which makes your treatment especially relaxing and effective. Results are noticeable, even after one treatment! This universal facial treatment suits all skin types, men and women of all ages, and every season. 90 min. 80,00€
Collagene hyaluronique First patented anti-ageing Intensive Treatment, adapted to the real age of your skin according to your beauty therapist's expert diagnosis that determines the ageing grade. Immediate smoothness effect, nutrition and replenishment, visible firmness and elasticity improvement of the skin. Restores skin's immunity to actively protect it from the negative environment. 55 min. 65,00€
Collagene hyaluronique with massage digi-esthetique First patented anti-ageing Intensive Treatment, adapted to the real age of your skin according to your beauty therapist's expert diagnosis that determines the ageing grade. Immediate smoothness effect, nutrition and replenishment, visible firmness and elasticity improvement of the skin. Restores skin's immunity to actively protect it from the negative environment. Treatment with MASSAGE DIGIESTHETIQUE is is more efficient and active substances are absorbed better. Brow dyeing and modelling. 90 min. 80,00€
Moisturising programme Hydra Moisturised skin is visibly younger and ages slower, but irrespective of the skin type, skin is dehydrated for all women at some point. The latest from the Sothys’ research centre is a new moisturising programme that contains hyaluronic acid with high and low molecular weight and patented exclusive 1055 boletus extract that enhances the effect as an active ingredient. Innovative intensive facial treatment and four new cutting edge products for use at home immediately ensure lasting moisturised skin through their synergistic effect. 55 min. 65,00€
Hydra moisturising intensive treatment with hyaluronic acid 1 hour and 15 minutes of non-stop moisturising! Luxurious facial treatment especially designed for the moisturising needs of different skin types. The six-part multi-effect treatment restores both the skin’s moisture level and slows the signs of aging on the skin, includes the exclusive Digi-esthétique massage and contains moisturising next generation active ingredients. Hydra 3Ha. intensive facial treatment combines the achievements of technology with sensory delights. Results are visible already after the first treatment! No Sothys’ treatment has been as effective before. 75 min. 80,00€
Sothys Homme - Special refreshing treatment for men Facial cleaning, peeling, massage for face and neck. Mask for face and neck. Day cream, eyecream. 45 min. 50,00€

Perfect shape Professional treatment for the face and neck! The professional treatment has been developed specially to preserve the youthfulness of the face and décolleté. The treatment restores and is suitable in case of: flabby skin, fat sagging to the lower part of the face, sagging of the chin contour. The treatment has a double effect – firming and toning. The treatment is recommended once a month; to get the best result, once a week three times.

40 min. 55,00€

Eye contour Perfect beauty salon eye contour treatment for bright eyes! The treatment reduces dark circles, puffiness and fine lines. Suitable for customers with sensitive eyes and those wearing contact lenses. Treatment designed especially for the eye contour that helps to immediately reduce the signs of fatigue and ageing.

40 min. 40,00€
Day make-up 25 min. 23,00€
Evening make-up
Sothys; blasco
55 min. 29,00€

Aesthetical treatments (Depilation)

The lenghts of the treatments may vary +/- 10 min

Description Duration Price
Depilations for:    
- Legs 25 min. 23,00€
- Legs and thighs 45 min. 37,00€
- Bikinia area 25 min. 23,00€
- Armpits 25 min. 10,00€
- Arms 25 min. 20,00€
- Back 25 min. 35,00€
- Face area 20 min. 7,00€
After-depilation serum for face   5,00€
After-depilation serum for body   7,00€
Lashes, brows:    
- Lash dyeing 30 min. 7,00€
- Brow dyeing 20 min. 5,00€
- Brow modelling 20 min. 7,00€
- Lash perms and lash dyeing 55 min. 35,00€

Body treatments

The lenghts of the treatments may vary +/- 10 min

Description Duration Price
Different types of massage
As we all special, then according to your gender, age, skin condition, mood and desired result of the treatment, we will mix up an exfloliator with the thickness, texture, fragrance to your liking and a massage technique with the pressure that suits you and guarantee a result you will be satisfied with!
Back peeling An exfoliation ritual with the exact fragrance, ingredients and thickness that suit you, resulting in the improvement of skin quality. 15 min. 12,00€
Back peeling with massage Treatment begins with back cleaning and peeling, after that relaxing back massage. 25 min. 30,00€
Mild body peeling  25 min. 29,00€
Back massage 25 min. 25,00€
Head and face massage 25 min. 25,00€
Feet massage 25 min. 25,00€
Foot massage
The massage affects the reflex zones on the soles of your feet and improves the tone of your whole body. Working through the nervous system this massage impacts the organs and improves the functioning of all internal organs and systems in the body. After the massage you will feel a lightness in your feet and throughout your whole body, your general well being will be improved, stress will be relieved and you will sleep peacefully. The massage stimulates blood flow, strengthens the endocrine system and improves immunity.
40 min. 35,00€

Treatment for tired feet
Peeling, relaxing massage.Mask for tired and swollen feet, which improves blood circulation and lowers swellings. The treatment does not include pedicure.

45 min. 37,00€

Classic body massage

55 min. 47,00€
Aroma massage 55 min. 47,00€
Lymph massage that raises metabolism and drains 55 min. 47,00€
Thai massage

Special massage consisting of streches. It comes from the Orient. Treatment takes place on a special mat.

55 min. 50,00€
Why choose a massage with magnesium oil?

Magnesium oil is the most efficient way for magnesium to be absorbed through the skin. The subcutaneous fatty tissue activates a series of reactions, one of which is facilitation of the production of the hormone DHEA. DHEA is of critical importance in regulating and balancing the levels of the stress hormone cortisol. DHEA is also the hormone that boosts testosterone production. Declining DHEA levels have a negative effect on testosterone production.Hormone balancing is not the only advantage of magnesium oil. If you are under serious physical and mental stress, your body is not able to produce sufficient amounts of gastric acid needed for digesting food and for chemically processing the magnesium so that the magnesium you take orally could be absorbed. In other words, if you are stressed out, your body cannot absorb the magnesium taken orally. Enjoy a massage with magnesium oil and you will be relieved of stress and excess tensions. The advantages of magnesium are infinite.

Magnesium oil massage for back 25 min. 27,00€
Magnesium oil massage for feet 25 min. 27,00€
Magnesium oil massage for body 55 min. 49,00€
Luxurious body, face and décolletage massage with FRESHDEL soy wax candles The enjoyable massage with warm Freshdel candle wax is very relaxing. The aroma of a candle selected by the client adds extra enjoyment to the massage. Massage candles are made of 100% natural soy wax that has high quality essential and plant oils added to it. Warm wax resulting from the melting of the candle warms, softens and relaxes the entire body during the massage. Face and décolletage massage gives the final accord to the luxurious treatment. The massage leaves the body pleasantly warm, hands and feet silky soft and senses filled with calming aroma. It is recommended to enjoy saunas or other water pleasures before the massage. 75 min. 65,00€
Personal slimming body care treatment + Free face treatment

The treatment starts with Slimming peeling wrap – 20 minutes. The peeling cream is removed with shower. After that, Fat cell reducing serum is applied to problematic areas with intensive techniques. It is followed by a Slimming massage with slimming massage emulsion. At the end of the treatment, Slimming activator is applied to the body and after that, a Slimming 24-hour cream.

75 min. 75,00€
Oriental sensiations with hot lava stones

This ritual has come from Asia and is also ment for tshakras. During the massage the energy of hands is conveyed with the warm lava stones and the pressure is applied to the wholebody. Massage with lava stones harmonizes streams of energy and relaxes. This ritual really offloads the stress. Treatment is recommended after body peeling procedures.

55 min. 50,00€
Oriental eccences ceremony with hot lava stones

Exclusive body treatment begins with body peeling which is followed by balancing massage with hot lava stones. This ritual comes from Asia and is also ment for tshakras. Hot lava stones are used to massage the whole body. You experience an incomparable enjoyment and relaxation, induced by a massage with hot volcanostones. This ritual really offloads the stress.

90 min. 70,00€
Hanakasumi A restoring and nurturing body ritual inspired by Japanese traditions. At the beginning of the treatment the entire body will be covered with a Cherry Blossom and Rice Powder Exfoliator, which will then be removed using soft exfoliating towels. The feet and the body will be massaged using Shea or Asian essences. 90 min. 70,00€
Sun imitation with peeling Cherishing and tender peeling ritual with ginger balm. Ginger, and cinnamon give enjoyable aroma. After peeling the skin is silky and soft. In the end tanning and moistening cream is spread on the body which gives fast and beautiful complexion. 55 min. 50,00€
Ayurveda massage
Traditional indian Abhyanga massage
Ayurveda massage for face and head
This Indian head massage helps to relax muscles, softens areas that are tense, speeds up the metabolism and removes impurities from the body, improves both sleep and the ability to concentrate. For maximum relaxation the head massage is combined with a face massage and a moisturizing facial mask. The head massage uses Leonor Greyl, a nourishing hair and head oil that improves circulation.
25 min. 35,00€
Ayurveda traditional whole-body massage
The traditional Abhyanga whole-body massage with warm oil is adjusted to suit each individual body type. The massage, which stimulates the lymph system and circulation, also improves metabolism and accelerates the removal of toxins from the body. The massage stimulates circulation, calms the nervous system and stimulates the body tissues. In addition to its relaxing effect the Abhyanga massage is also beneficial for dry and very dry skin.
55 min. 50,00€
Ayurveda traditional Abhyanga whole-body massage with Ayurveda face and head massage. 90 min. 70,00€
Hawaiian lomi lomi massage – the "Loving Hands" massage
The deeply relaxing Lomi Lomi massage, one of the most mysterious kinds of massage in the world, originates from the ancient temples of the Hawaiian islands.
The Lomi massage includes the wonderful art of healing and provides an extraordinary experience. The techniques used are unique, which makes it stand out among other types of massage. The massage involves using generous amounts of warm oil all over the body, focusing on all meridians of the body and stretching the joints. The massage helps to invigorate your body on a physical, emotional and mental level. It improves circulation, the mobility of joints and as the muscles are relaxed, tension, built up emotions and mental blocks will be released. The massage gets the energy in the body flowing, a feeling of being filled with love will rise and the body will start to heal itself.
90 min. 70,00€

Bath treatments

The lenghts of the treatments may vary +/- 10 min

Dear bridal couples, couples, friends and just acquaintances – now is your
chance to enjoy the aromatic "RELAXING BATH TREATMENT" in each
other's company, get new vitality and have an ultimate relaxation.
Th e luxurious bath treatment will be followed by a personalised relaxing body
massage. "Aft er the relaxation, your skin as well as yourself will feel wonderful"

Description Duration Price
Slenderness - balneo

Slimming bath treatment which makes metabolism quicker and reduces the "orange skin" effect. Goddess`s bathoil and slimming ethereal oil are used.

25 min. 20,00€
Personalised relaxing - balneo

Relaxing massagebath with aromatic extracts which stimulates blood circulation and calms senses.

25 min. 20,00€
Relaxing balneo - treatment together with personalised massage

It begins with luxurious bath treatment and goes on with relaxing body massage.

55 min. 40,00€
Cherishing balneo - treatment together with body peeling

Treatment begins with body peeling and goes on with luxurious massagebath.

55 min. 40,00€
Magnesium bath to alleviate muscle tension Magnesium is among those minerals that are essential for the body. Magnesium is necessary for preserving good health and vitality. Magnesium ensures the relaxation of muscles in the body. The less muscle tension there is, the less the body is stressed as a whole and the quality of sleep improves. By relaxing vascular and cardiac muscle cells, the mineral helps to lower arterial blood pressure and heart rate, which makes magnesium essential for any person suffering from a heart condition. One of the most effective ways to reduce magnesium deficiency is to absorb it through skin. Enjoying baths enriched with magnesium flakes is perfect for that. Magnesium chloride is suitable for people of any age, including pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and children. Excessive magnesium leaves the body through kidneys. It can be used together with medication. Contraindicated in case of renal failure and intestinal blockage. 25 min. 35,00€
Magnesium bath for feet +paraffin treatment for hand 25 min. 30,00€
Removal of toxins+paraffin treatment for hand

Removal of poisons from the organism. Energyfield and ionflow similar to the human body are taken to ionic-detox footbath water and they start to restore the load of the cells.After cleaning course the cells can continue their function. Poisonous stuff is removed from the body through the kidneys and skin. Sleeplessness, headaches,metabolic disorders are gone after treatment.

25 min. 30,00€

Hand and foot treatments

The lenghts of the treatments may vary +/- 10 min

Description Duration Price
Hand treatments
Spa manicure
Peeling, mask massage, treatment, paraffin, hand cream, nail varnishing.
55 min. 38,00€
Paraffin treatment for hands
Peeling, mask, massage, paraffin on the hands, hand cream.
25 min. 15,00€
French manicure
Treatment, massage, hand cream, special nail varnishing.
55 min. 38,00€
Gelnails setting 120 min. 65,00€
Gelnails setting with french manicure 120 min. 75,00€
Gelnails treatment /care 120 min. 30,00€
Gelnails treatment with french manicue 120 min. 40,00€
Gelnails removal 55 min. 20,00€
Treatment with long-lasting gel polish    
Manicure with longlasting gel polish 55 min. 40,00€
Long-lasting gel polish removal + manicure with long-lasting gel polish 90 min. 50,00€
French manicure with long-lasting gel polish 55 min. 45,00€
Long-lasting gel polish removal 25 min 10,00€
Covering of one nail with gel polish 5 min. 5,00€
Foot treatments    
Paraffin treatment for feet

Peeling, mask, relaxing massage, cooling paraffin.

25 min. 18,00€

Treatment, cream, mask

45 min. 40,00€
Spa pedicure

Softening treatment begins with feet peeling and is followed by mask, massage, paraffin and footcream. On request tootnails are varnished.

55-75 min. 52,00€
Pedicure for problematic feet Treatment by problematic feet and nail. You can have your toenails painted with a special medical varnish, if desired. 55 min. 50,00€
Treatment with long-lasting gel polish    
Pedicure with long-lasting gel polish 90 min. 60,00€
Long-lasting gel polish removal + pedicure with long-lasting gel polish 120 min 70,00€
French pedicure with long-lasting gel polish 90 min 65,00€
Long-lasting gel polish removal 25 min. 10,00€

Hair treatments

The lenghts of the treatments may vary +/- 10 min

Description Duration Price
- short hair
30-55 min. 25,00€
- medium-long hair
30-55 min. 28,00€
- long hair
33-55 min. 32,00€
- extra-long hair
33-55 min. 38,00€
- for hair-brand cut 5-15 min. 6,00€
- for children cut ( -6 years) 25 min. 10,00€
- for girls ( -16 years)
Cut- wash- finishing
30-50 min. 16,00€
- for boys ( -16 years)
Cut- wash- finishing
20-30 min. 15,00€
Hair treatment and finishing. LENOR GREYL organic hair treatment. Organic treatment with the luxurious French line Leonor Greyl to treat your hair and scalp. The treatment helps to restore damaged hair, eliminate scalp problems and moisturise and revive extremely dry ends. The product is silicone, sulphate and paraben free. 100% organic.    
- short hair 45 min. 26,00€
- medium-long hair 50 min. 36,00€
- long hair 55 min. 40,00€
Blow- dry styling / hair straightening    
- short hair 25 min. 19,00€
- medium-long hair 25-40 min. 22,00€
- long hair 30-45 min. 25,00€
- extra long hair 30-45 min. 30,00€
Party styling    
- short hair 30-45 min. 25,00€
- medium-long hair 30-45 min. 28,00€
- long hair 30-55 min. 37,00€
- brides 30-55 min. 40,00€
- test styling for brides 30-55 min. 20,00€
- plating, twining, tongs, hair clips perms 10-25 min. 12,00€
- plating, twining, tongs, hair clips perms 25-55 min. 22,00€
Permanents and cut    
- short hair 100 min. 48,00€
Permanents - soft colouring - cut    
- short hair 120 min. 77,00€
Hair colouring, hairstyle    
- short hair 90 min. 40,00€
- medium-long hair 100 min. 50,00€
- long hair 120 min. 55,00€
- extra long hair 180 min. 65,00€
Root colouring 1-2 cm, hairstyle    
- short hair 90 min. 35,00€
- medium-long hair 100 min. 45,00€
- long hair 120 min. 50,00€
- extra long hair 180 min. 55,00€
Hair striping and hairstyle    
- extra short hair 90 min. 35,00€
- short hair 90 min. 40,00€
- medium-long hair 120 min. 50,00€
- long hair 120 min. 55,00€
- extra long hair 180 min. 65,00€
Hair striping, cut and hairstyle    
- short hair 120 min. 55,00€
- medium-long hair 150 min. 70,00€
- long hair 150 min. 80,00€
- extra long hair 180 min. 90,00€
Hair colouring, cut, hairstyle    
- short hair 120 min. 55,00€
- medium-long hair 150 min. 70,00€
- long hair 150 min. 80,00€
- extra long hair 180 min. 90,00€
Men hair treatment    
- Wash - cut - hairstyle 30-40 min. 19,00€
- Wash - mashine cut - hairstyle 20-35 min. 13,00€
- Scalp treatment 20-30 min 20,00€
- Neck cleaning 10-20 min. 3,00€
- Style change 30-55 min. 25,00€
- Beard modelling 10-20 min. 7,00€
- Hair colouring -2 cm 90 min. 35,00€
- Hair striping -3 cm 90 min. 35,00€